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1.(1385) K. Shirata, Y. Inden, S. Kasai, T. Oya, Y. Hagiwara, S. Kaeriyama, and H. Nakamura: " Robust myoelectric signal detection based on stochastic resonance using multiple-surface-electrode array made of carbon nanotube composite paper, "Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol.55, pp. 04EM07-1-5 (2016).

2.(1386) R. Kuroda and S. Kasai:"Implementation of a noise-coexistence threshold logic architecture on a GaAs-based nanowire FET network,"Journal International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, pp.1-8 (2016).

3.(1387) M. Matys, R. Stoklas, J. Kuzmik, B. Adamowicz, Z. Yatabe, and T. Hashizume: "Characterization of capture cross sections of interface states in dielectric/III-nitride heterojunction structures, "J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 119, pp. 205304-1-7 (2016).

4.(1388) Thaer M. Dieb, Masaharu Yoshioka, and Shinjiro Hara: " NaDev: An Annotated Corpus to Support Information Extraction from Research Papers on Nanocrystal Devices, "J. Inform. Process., Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 554-564 (2016).

5.(1389) Ryutaro Kodaira, Shinjiro Hara, Kyohei Kabamoto, and Hiromu Fujimagari:"Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Vertical Ferromagnetic MnAs/ Semiconducting InAs Heterojunction Nanowires, "Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 55, No. 7, pp.075503-1-8 (2016).

6.(1390) E. Sano and E. Akiba: " Electrical properties and applications of carbon nanotube composites, "Int. J. Nanotechnol., Vol. 13, No. 7, pp. 524-532 (2016).

7.(1391) Katsuhiro Tomioka, Junichi Motohisa, and Takashi Fukui: " Advances in steepslope tunnel FETs (Invited), "Proc. IEEE European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC), pp. 397-402 (2016).

8.(1392) Y. Tadokoro, S. Kasai, A. Ichiki, and H. Tanaka: " Design Framework of Image Sensor System Based on Dynamic Range Extension by Adding Noise for Saturated Conditions, " IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Vol. 46, pp.1121-1128 (2016).

9.(1393) Katsuhiro Tomioka, Junichi Motohisa, and Takashi Fukui: " Recent progress in vertical Si/III-V tunnel FETs: From fundamental to current-boosting technology (Invited), "ECS Trans., Vol. 75, pp. 127-134 (2016).

10.(1394) Akinobu Yoshida, Katsuhiro Tomioka, Fumiya Ishizaka, Kohei Chiba, and Junichi Motohisa:" Selective-area growth of vertical InGaAs nanowires on Ge for transistor applications, "ECS Trans., Vol. 75, pp. 265-270 (2016).

11.(1395) Z. Yatabe, J. T. Asubar, and T. Hashizume:"Insulated gate and surface passivation structures for GaN-based power transistors (Topical Review Paper), " J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., Vol. 49, pp. 3933001-1-19 (2016).

12.(1396) S. Kaneki, J. Ohira, S. Toiya, Z. Yatabe, J. T. Asubar, and T. Hashizume:" Highlystable and low-state-density Al2O3/GaN interfaces using epitaxial n-GaN layers grown on free-standing GaN substrates,"Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 109, pp.162104-1-5 (2016).

13.(1397) T. Sato, X. Zhang, K. Ito, S. Matsumoto, and Y. Kumazaki: " Electrochemical formation of N-type GaN and N-type InP porous structures for chemical sensor applications, "Proceeding of 2016 IEEE SENSORS, pp. 7808443- 1-3 (2016).

14.(1398) K. Wakita, E. Sano, M. Ikebe, S. Arnold, T. Otsuji, Y. Takida, and H. Minamide: " Design and fabrication of terahertz detectors based on 180-nm CMOS process technology, " Int. J. High Speed Electronics and Systems, Vol. 25, Nos. 3&4, pp.1640014-1-9 (2016).

15.(1399) M. Matys, B. Adamowicz, A. Domanowska, A. Michalewicz, R. Stoklas, M. Akazawa, Z. Yatabe, and T. Hashizume:"On the origin of interface states at oxide/III-nitride heterojunction interfaces, "J Appl. Phys., Vo.120, pp. 225305-1-12 (2016).

16.(1400) Fumiya Ishizaka, Yoshihiro Hiraya, Katsuhiro Tomioka, Junichi Motohisa, and Takashi Fukui: " Growth and characterization of wurtzite InP/AlGaP core-multishell nanowires with AlGaP quantum well structures, "Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 56, pp.010311-1-4 (2017).

17.(1401) Akinobu Yoshida, Katsuhiro Tomioka, Fumiya Ishizaka, and Junichi Motohisa: " Growth of InGaAs nanowires on Ge(111) by selective-area metal-organic vaporphase epitaxy, "J. Cryst. Growth, Vol. 464, pp. 75-79 (2017).

18.(1402) Kyohei Kabamoto, Ryutaro Kodaira, and Shinjiro Hara:"Magnetization in Vertical MnAs/InAs Heterojunction Nanowires, " J. Cryst. Growth, Vol. 464, pp. 80-85 (2017).

19.(1403) Fumiya Ishizaka, Yoshihiro Hiraya, Katsuhiro Tomioka, Junichi Motohisa, and Takashi Fukui:"Growth of All-Wurtzite InP/AlInP Core-Multishell Nanowire Array,"Nano Lett., Vol. 17, pp. 1350-1355 (2017).

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