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1.(1333) D. Uchida, M. Ikebe, J. Motohisa, E. Sano, and A. Kondou:"CMOS common-mode rejection filter with floating active transformer operation, " Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,Vol. 53, pp. 04EE20-1-6 (2014).

2.(1334) T. Nakano, M. Chiba, and M. Akazawa:" Control of Al2O3/InAlN interface by two-step atomic layer deposition combined with high-temperature annealing, " Jpn. J.
Appl. Phys., Vol. 53, No. 4, pp.04EF06-1-5 (2014).

3.(1335) E. Sano and T. Tanaka:" A simple drain current model for single-walled carbon nanotube network thin-film transistors, "J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 115, pp. 154507-1-6(2014).

4.(1336) J. T. Asubar, Z. Yatabe, and T. Hashizume:" Reduced Thermal Resistance in Al-GaN/GaN Multi-Mesa-Channel High Electron Mobility Transistors, "Appl. Phys.
Lett., Vol. 105, pp. 053510-1-5 (2014).

5.(1337) M. Chiba, T. Nakano, and M. Akazawa:" Appropriate fabrication procedure for InAlN metal-oxide-semiconductor structures with atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3, "
Phys. Status Solidi C, Vol. 11, No. 3-4, pp.902-905 (2014).

6.(1338) J. Asubar, K. Ohi, K. Nishiguchi, and T. Hashizume:" Improved current stability in Multi-Mesa-Channel AlGaN/GaN transistors, "Physica Status Solidi C, Vol. 11,No. 3-4, pp. 857-861 (2014).

7.(1339) Y. Imai, M. Sato, T. Tanaka1, S. Kasai, Y. Hagiwara, H. Ishizaki, S. Kuwabara,and T. Arakawa:" Detection of weak biological signal utilizing stochastic resonance in a GaAs-based nanowire FET and its parallel summing network, "Jpn. J. Appl.Phys, Vol.53, No.6S, pp.06JE01-1-6 (2014).

8.(1340) K. Nishiguchi, J. T. Asubar, and T. Hashizume: "Evaluation of off-bias-stress induced surface charging at AlGaN/GaN surface using a dual-gate transistor structure,"Jpn.J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 53, pp. 070301-1-4 (2014).

9.(1341) Tomotsugu Ishikura, Lenanrt-Knud Liefeith, Zhixin Cui, Keita Konishi, Kanji Yoh,and Tetsuya Uemura:"Electrical spin injection from ferromagnet into an InAs quantum well through a MgO tunnel barrier,"Appl. Phys. Express, Vol.7, pp.073001-1-4(2014).

10.(1342) M. ˇTapajna, M. Jurkoviˇc, L. V´alik, ˇS. Haˇsˇc´ık, D. Gregu´sov´a, F. Brunner, E.-M.Cho, T. Hashizume, and J. Kuzm´ık:" Impact of GaN cap on defect charges in Al2O3/(GaN/)AlGaN/GaN metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructures analyzed by means of capacitance measurements and simulations, " J, Appl. Phys., Vol. 116,pp. 104501-1-7 (2014).

11.(1343) Y. Kumazaki, A. Watanabe, Z. Yatabe, and T. Sato:" Correlation between Structural and Photoelectrochemical Properties of GaN Porous Nanostructures Formed by Photo-Assisted Electrochemical Etching, "Journal of The Electrochemical Society,Vol.161, No.10, pp. H705-H709 (2014).

12.(1344) E. Sano and E. Akiba:"Electromagnetic absorbing materials using nonwoven fabrics coated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes, "Carbon, Vol. 78, pp. 463-468 (2014).

13.(1345) Zhixin Cui, Rajagembu Perumal, Tomotsugu Ishikura, Keita Konishi, Kanji Yoh,and Junichi Motohisa:" Characterizing the electron transport properties of a single[110] InAs nanowire, "Appl. Phys. Express, Vol.7, pp. 085001-1-4, 2014.

14.(1346) T. Tanaka and E. Sano:"Low-frequency noise in carbon nanotube network thin-film transistors, "Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 53, pp. 090302-1-3 (2014).

15.(1347) Z. Yatabe, Y. Hori, W.-C. Ma, J. T. Asubar, M. Akazawa, T. Sato, and T. Hashizume:" Characterization of electronic states at insulator/(Al)GaN interfaces for improved insulated gate and surface passivation structures of GaN-based transistors,"Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 53, No.10, pp.100213-1-10 (2014).

16.(1348) K. Tomioka and T. Fukui:" Recent progress in integration of III-V nanowire transistors on Si substrate by selective-area growth, "J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. Vol.47,
pp. 394001-1-13 (2014).

17.(1349) Matthias T. Elm and Shinjiro Hara:" Transport Properties of Hybrids with Ferromagnetic MnAs Nanoclusters and Their Potential for New Magnetoelectronic Devices,"Adv. Mater., Vol. 26, No. 48, pp. 8079-8095 (2014)

18.(1350) Katsuhiro Tomioka and Takashi Fukui: "Vertical Tunnel FETs Using III-V Nanowire/Si Heterojunctions, "ECS Transaction, Vol. 61, pp.81-89 (2014).

19.(1351) 福井孝志, 吉村正利, 中井栄治, 冨岡克広:「III-V 族化合物半導体ナノワイヤ太陽電池(解説)」日本結晶成長学会誌, 41 巻2 号, pp.29-34(2014).

20.(1352) Hiroaki Kato, Shinya Sakita, and Shinjiro Hara:" Selective-Area Growth and Magnetic Characterization of Lateral MnAs Nanowires, " J. Cryst. Growth, Vol. 414,pp. 151-155 (2015).

21.(1353) Eiji Nakai, Muyi Chen, Masatoshi Yoshimura, Katsuhiro Tomioka, and Takashi Fukui:" InGaAs axial-junction nanowire-array solar cells, " Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,Vol. 54, pp. 015201-1-4 (2015).

22.(1354) A. Watanabe, Y. Kumazaki, Z. Yatabe, and T. Sato:" Formation of GaN-porous Structures using Photo-assisted Electrochemical Process in Back-side Illumination Mode, "ECS Electrochemistry Letters, Vol. 4, No. 5, pp.H11-H13 (2015).

23.(1355) Y. Tadokoro, S. Kasai, and A. Ichiki:" Concept, analysis, and demonstration of a novel delay network exhibiting stochastic resonance induced by external noise, "Digital Signal Processing, Vol. 37, pp. 1-12 (2015).

24.(1356) Martin Fischer, Matthias T. Elm, Shinya Sakita, Shinjiro Hara, and Peter J. Klar:" Magnetoresistance Effects and Spin-Valve Like Behavior of An Arrangement of Two MnAs Nanoclusters, " Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 106, No. 3, pp.032401-1-5 (2015).

25.(1357) Muyi Chen, Eiji Nakai, Katsuhiro Tomioka, and Takashi Fukui:" Application of free-standing InP nanowire arrays and their optical properties for resource saving
solar cells, "Applied Physics Express, Vol. 8, pp.012301-1-3 (2015).

26.(1358) Fumiya Ishizaka, Yoshihiro Hiraya, Katsuhiro Tomioka, and Takashi Fukui: "Growth of wurtzite GaP in InP/GaP core-shell nanowires by selective-area MOVPE, " J.Crystal Growth, Vol. 411, pp. 71-75 (2015).

27.(1359) Z. Yatabe, T. Muramatsu, J. T. Asubar, and S. Kasai:" Calculating relaxation time distribution function from power spectrum based on inverse integral transformation method,Physics Letters A, Vol.379, No.7, pp.738-742 (2015).

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